Why do we fall in love?

I love you without knowing how or when or from where. I love you straightforwardly without complexities or pride; so i love you because i know no other way than this; where i do not exist nor you…Pablo Neruda

I have always wondered at this question. Why do we feel what we feel or do what we do? What do we term love relationship and why is it so important?

God is love and because we have God in us, we are bound to love.

When it comes to our love interest, what drives us or moves us into believing we can gain more happiness in the bosom of another?

Motive – an important factor before starting a relationship.

Why do we desire a relationship? To find someone who makes us happy? So we don’t end up alone?. These are good reasons which i can’t cancel off because we have primal needs as humans but if this is the primary motive of getting into a relationship, it has failed even before it started.

When we say, i love you, what do we mean?

Are we saying, i have finally found someone to fulfill all my needs or i care about another person and their needs as much as i do mine to want a relationship with them so i can be present in their lives?

When we go into a relationship with this expectation of what we want from our partner and how it should be given to us, no matter what the other person does, it will never be enough because it does not match this ideal picture we have formed in your head. Yes, we all should have standards of behaviour we expect from someone we desire to spend the rest of our lives with but when does this standard become unrealistic?

Is love intentional or spontaneous? Do we just wake up one morning and fall in love like modern dating seem to portray? As we can see that many examples of what is referred to as love today is mere infatuation.

Love is not dictated by feelings. It goes being that. Love as God portrays gives without debt. It does not keep scores of all the things it has done and needs to be paid back.

When we ‘fall in love’ , we easily can also somersault out of love because in the first place, it wasn’t love to begin with.

The fundamental quality of love(peace and fulfillment) can only be fully realized if we go into relationships with the desire to share the love we have within us.

Wrong motives is the reason some relationship have bitter fights and ultimately end.
People who enjoy peaceful relationships are fully aware that loving their partner does not include indiscriminate complains, umending nags, comstant accusations, aggression and insults.

Love encourages, ever kind, patient, forbearing, full of goodness and warmth. Zest and passion. Love is magical. Genuine romance happens when two people show they are ready to care for each other
You are ready to give love once you can give acceptance,understanding,kindness,support,care ,encouragement.

You know you are ready when you can appreciate and celebrate your partner for who they are without an iota of condemnation.

You may be thinking you don’t have this magnitude of love in you, not true my friend. We all do. We just leave it buried. Now is the time to reach deep within and uncover the richness of love you have. Breathe it, Live it and Give it.

When love is gifted in the real sense of its meaning, it opens a whole new world in our relationships. You become happier together as you both mature in all ramificatioms of life:- physically, materially, emotionally and spiritually, simply put,the best in both of you is manifested.

Stronger together, right?

I am certain by now, we all know the side of love we want to be on.

Begging to receive love or to give from the unlimited supply we have within us? Where do you stand?

Stay blessed

You are Loved πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š


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