I am a woman and that is my strength!

May you be brave.

May you fly free.

Certain of your worth

and of your wings.

J.E. Cano

And when she sits in front of the mirror, the reflection staring at her is powerful beautiful strong woman.

No matter how the world tells her she is incomplete, have flaws that defines her, she knows in her that her true beauty does not lie in the eyes of others but in the way she sees herself.

She is fully accepting of herself and will not be diminished by criticism.

She is her, the woman who have refused to stay down, a fighter,bring it on, she is ready!

She fights her battles gallantly and wears the scars of her victory proudly.

She sheds the baggages because they are drawbacks.

She embraces her mistakes and leaves the regrets knowing her biggest lessons are learnt in experiences. The good, bad and ugly.

Her voice would not be silenced. She understands the value of her opinion.

Softly but firmly, she speaks her truth without fear.

The wild butterfly

She cannot be tamed to fit into a preconceived box rather she spreads her wings ever so wide and soars to heights unimaginable.

She has loved and lost

Groped in the dark when pain broke her but in her Spirit she found light and overcame her fears.

Her determination unmatched.

Happiness not perfection is her goal. To feel with her heart

To touch others with joy.

She is humble enough to say, ‘I am sorry when she is wrong.

Loving enough to say “I forgive you’

She needs no man standing by her side to validate her existence. She is a Queen and carries a crown of honour.

She is a wise woman knowing she cannot compare her behind the scenes struggles to the highlight reel of a stranger.

She is in competition with herself alone. To be better today than she was yesterday and best tomorrow than she is today.

She does not conform. She creates.

Her mouth is full of honey.

Her words, intentional and uplifting.

The strong woman, she waltz through life with confidence and grace.

God is in her and she shall not fail.

She is her- The wild butterfly.

I am a woman and that is my strength.

Do you agree?

You are loved.πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š


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