Beware of spoilers!

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

Proverbs‬ ‭4:23‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Have you ever gone into a store to purchase an item and walk out feeling good because you are pretty sure it was a good bargain until someone comes up to you and goes like,

Hmmm!! Hope you didn’t buy it from that store because they never sell anything good there.

And Instantly, all the initial excitement and pleasure you felt seeps away and is replaced by anger, regret and disappointment because now, you feel cheated. And regardless of whether the purchase was actually a good one won’t matter to you. that single word of condemnation has blurred the feel-good senses.

Same way, a person may tell you, oh my child aced his tests, he helps me around the house and listens to my every word. Then, you begin to feel your child is problematic maybe over a minor disagreement.

Or a woman says, my husband makes sure flowers get delivered to me at my office, He wakes me up with breakfast and massages my foot every evening and though you may try to tell her your husband is physically there for you and assists around the house, she will try to prove to you why her husband does better and unconsciously,

it registers in your head and you are like,

Hmmm, my husband forgot our anniversary.

He never gets me a gift.

When was the last time I had breakfast in bed?

Maybe he is tired of our marriage anymore.

Suddenly, you get amnesia of all the good things he has been doing for you.

Now, the seeds have been sown. The cloak of offence has fallen on you. And it becomes a downward spiral onward.

It could also be your male friend or colleague…

And he goes, oh, my wife is very submissive. You won’t believe she submits all her monthly earnings to me then I decide what she does with her money.

Do you know she is always available to be intimate with me anytime I desire it?

and immediately, you flashback to the last time your wife said no to your advances and the time she declined to help you purchase a gold watch.

And your mind expands all the little holes there was.

And You think,

here is this man with his obedient and good wife, my wife must be a terrible person, she refused to get intimate with me last night. she doesn’t love me anymore. Unconsciously, the seed of discord planted has germinated.

Or it may happen at work.

These spoilers try to penetrate your business, vision, goals, feed you all these negative ideas and by the time they are done with you, there would be no will power left to go on as you have picked up every offence you can find.

It is important to recognize these people when they speak. They are spoilers and have a way to point out dirt even in the cleanest of places. Their heart is bad so they go about destroying everything good.

They have a penchant of bringing negative awareness into other people’s business.

There is this lady in church who always has something bad to say about everyone. From the praise leader to the media team. So every time I go to church, I try to avoid her and make sure she doesn’t sit close to me. Alas, on a particular day, I got unlucky and the only seat available was next to me so for the first 5 mins, I had to endure her usual bashing until I got fed up and literally had to shun her.

Stop trying to plant thoughts in me against others. I knew I should not entertain it. What I said was, the next time you say this kind of thing to me would be the last time I would speak to you.

My words shocked her to silence as it came unexpectedly. I am sure either of two things would happen, she may avoid sitting with me ever again or never say a word to me bout that issue. Whichever one happens, I would be relieved.

Beware. Close your eyes not to see what they are trying to show you and block your ears from hearing. Above all, guard your heart fiercely lest they lead you out of your promised land.

Our heart is constantly under attack so we need to be vigilant to know when the devil is trying to use people to destroy something good you have going on. You are not perfect. I am not too. So we cannot expect perfection from anyone. The Bible admonishes us to give room for the failings of others so even if there really is a problem, we can choose to focus on the good while working out a way to overcome the faults.

Once you let the devil in, and he succeeds in poisoning your heart, it is only a matter of time before it spills over to everything else around you. Friends, family, children, spouse, job.

Stay the farthest from people who talk down your efforts and vision.

They are only trying to kill your fighting spirit.

Don’t let them take your joy.

Don’t let them steal your leave.

Guard your heart!!!

And if you are a ’spoiler’, please desist from it. Allow the Holy Spirit to kill the spirit. Let’s learn to speak love over others. As Apostle Paul said, let our speech be seasoned with grace.

Before you say something, ask yourself,

is it kind?

What do I aim to achieve by saying this?

Will it tear down or build up?

Am I sowing seeds that will be harmful to the hearer?

Do I really need to say this?

There is an old mother’s tale which says that’ if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing’.


You are loved 💚💜💙


17 thoughts on “Beware of spoilers!

  1. Perth Girl says:

    Good reminder. Our words should build each other up and if we don’t have anything nice to say better not to say anything at all. Good point to not let these thoughts of discontentment take root, it is so easy to singularly focus on the negative instead of all the good.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Barb Hegreberg says:

    A few days ago my husband & I were talking about how many people these days have a “work wife/husband ” , we agreed that give this type of intimate name to someone other than your spouse is VERY dangerous. If you have this type of friendship….run…you may need to leave the job…your marriage & your eternal soul are worth more than any other human relationship.


  3. herrychiccounsels says:

    I so much love this share. And the “spoilers” rate is growing. 😪

    It’s actually a decision we have to make and love your summation on it as well as your personal experience. Sometimes we just have to loud our stance on certain things so that they (such spoilers) won’t venture into bringing it by.

    Apt!. ❤


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