It is your choice: What are you choosing?

Since we all are self-isolating and working from home, it has been a whole different feeling. today, as I scrolled through the street of Instagram, I saw this beautiful set of cupcakes on sale believe me, I struggled, I wrestled within until my love for cakes won.

I clicked that order button and it got delivered so fast before I could change my mind.

so as I sat to enjoy it, I mused on the fact that I had the choice not to order but I did it anyway. By the way, it tastes so yummy, I guess it compensated for the after junk-guilt-trip.

The cupcakes in two flavours- Velvet, cookies and cream

I believe God created us with the ability to make choices. We are not this robot who can only take in and give out. There is a part to play even from something as little as buying cupcakes, taking our shower or choosing life partners.

Life as we know it is made of choices and though everything is not laid out in black or white, a single choice can cause our life to unravel either uphill or downhill.

We are not just a product of our environment or the family we were born into but the choices we make. Would we reflect your background or rather affect it?

Joseph made the choice. Future over immediate gratification.

Ruth made the choice to stick with Naomi, Adam and eve made the choice to disobey God, Christ made the choice to die for is. It is true that not all good choices birth the desired outcome, but we make them anyway. If we would control life-based on our choices alone, then man would probably be able to create and breathe life. But as much as we know, God is the final revealer of outcomes.

I gave my life to Christ voluntarily because I needed the relationship and it has turned out to be my best decision ever.

I chose to get an education and pursue a career, I chose to eat healthy sometimes so my body can thank me later and I know this does not guarantee I won’t fall sick from causes beyond my control or get me gainfully employed, at least I have stirred the ship in the direction I hope my life would go and left the rest to God.

Life is uncertain. We never can tell exactly know where our next step would lead us but we are either taking a leap or staying dormant. in each case, we have a choice. We can decide to choose or life chooses for us.

In our everyday life, we are inundated with choices every day. There is no getting out of it. But we can make choices that would impact us and people connected to us positively. Yes, our choices equally affect people linked to us, short or long term

God has laid down His will for our lives in the scriptures, the path that would lead us to our promised land but it is up to us to say yes to His will and no to our fleshly demands. You can choose to embrace the truth. Learn of Him and live a content life fully blossoming in all its capacity.

Because sometimes, when things go awry, it is not the demons, we are just sinking in the mire created by our bad choices and decisions.

Choices come up in various areas of our lives.

The choice between good and evil, what is important and what is not.

It could be in attitude or words. But we always have decisions thrown on our path.

When you say no to laziness, You are saying yes to a better life.

When you say no to gluttony, you are saying yes to better health/body.

When you say no to gossips, you are saying yes to improved friendships.

When you say no to anger, you are saying yes to emotional strength and controlled actions.

When you say no to unforgiveness, you are saying yes to peace of mind.

When you say no to fear, you are saying yes to peace.

When you say no to negativity, you are saying yes to optimism.

When you say no to procrastination, you are saying yes to increased productivity.

We can choose to be responsible for our lives and our relationships rather than throw a pity party and blame every other person for our misfortunes or failures.

Every day, make a choice of what we dedicate our time to, how we handle our finances, Family and friends.

One thing I must reiterate is to never let fear dictate your choices, you have to trust God. Joseph would have drowned in sin and long-forgotten if he let fear dictate his decision. This year, I have made choices based on faith, if left to things I can see, I would never take some of those steps but I am doing it regardless because I trust God who has instructed me on that path would see me through.

Never to lean on our own understanding of whatever choice we are faced with. Proverbs3:5

We make good choices and get disciplined about it.

It is also necessary to bear in mind that everyone has this moment of not-so-wise decisions but we can hand over the wrong decisions to Jesus. He will bear it with us and assist us to retrace our steps. Great are the mercies of God and forever His loving kindness covers us.

What are you saying yes to today?


You are LovedπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™


He keeps in perfect peace those whose heart is stayed on HimπŸ™

35 thoughts on “It is your choice: What are you choosing?

  1. Perth Girl says:

    Everyday we make choices. It is a powerful reminder as it dictates a lot of the path we end up on. Thank you for sharing this 😊
    The cupcakes look πŸ˜‹ yummy


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