One Day at a Time!

One day at a time, Sweet Jesus

That’s all I am asking from you

Just give me the strength

To do everyday what I have to do

Yesterday’s is gone, Sweet Jesus

And Tomorrow may never be mine

Help me today

Show me the way

One Day at a time.

Issues of life have a way of distracting us and keeping us away from the moments that God gives us.

One issue leads to another issue and the urgent things keep demanding our attention.
We go through the motions of just surviving every day. The past dragging us back. The future keeping us anxious.

This is not how God wants us to live. One day at a time. That is His will, Friends.

Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised. So we focus on making best of today.

If you are worried about the future or meeting up responsibilities, start taking steps. One step in the right direction everyday can transform your life.

You also don’t have to see the whole picture or figure out the entire process before you can move forward. You know where you are going. You have God. That is all you need.

You can start from somewhere to make today work. You begin today to effect the change you wish to see. If we are to wait for motivation all the time, we may never get things done. Discipline trumps motivation. Once we discipline our minds to carry out a task, the motivation would follow.

I like to think to myself every day “What would the regular person do?”

The regular person would likely avoid a workout session some days, put off eating healthy. get addicted to TV, Not getting enough sleep, put off fellowship with God, be complacent with self-improvement even just settle with life and be content with the hand they have been dealt.

Do I want to be average? Do I want to live an average, ordinary life where I just get by? No, I want my life to be outstanding, fascinating, fun and exhilarating.

So each day I ask myself that question and I do one more thing, one step up from what the average person would do.

I take walks, I stay up late sometimes working on projects, I read at least one book every fortnight. I cut refined sugar from my diet so I can improve my health.

Now all of a sudden, I’m not average. I am extraordinary.

Just by making that one tiny step more than the average person would. This means every day I am making small victories and going to bed feeling pretty good with myself at the end of each day.

You will get used to these extra steps you are making and soon enough you are ready to take it up a level.

ALWAYS start small. Break your plans into bits. It is not about tidying your room, its “I’m going to take all my cups downstairs”.

While you are doing that you may suddenly get the motivation to also wash the cups, and maybe the plates that are on the side. and while you are at it, maybe your waste bin near your desk can be emptied too.

and if it doesn’t lead anywhere, well your task was to take 5 cups downstairs. You succeeded, you can get that little boost of success!

a few weeks ago clearing out my wardrobe ended up leading to me completely redecorating my room, fixing a few damaged items and replacing the cookware!

From small acorns…Mighty Oaks grow

The good news is we never have to do all this alone. We ask the Holy Spirit to guide us through every step. God has given us the enablement to do whatever we set our mind to. Just start somewhere.

Once this happens, the past would no longer stir regret and the future would look more promising.

With each given day comes the strength we need to face and handle that day. His joy is our strength. Each new day we wake up to is another opportunity to tweak the knobs and steer the ship.
The mercies of God are new every morning the grace that will carry us through.
For everything that comes our way, Father is faithful, day by day and one by one.
Somehow we are designed to be able to manage today.
We are able to look at today’s challenges in the face and overcome. Even the heftiest load can be managed for a day, if we have to take it moment by moment.

Please be mindful not to use the accomplishments of others as a yardstick to measure your progress or how well you are doing. Something as simple as mowing your lawn, praying more often, drinking enough water or taking your vitamins without prompt is an achievement. There are no small wins or big wins. What counts is the effort. Every win in the right direction is a win.

“Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭143:8‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Stay Blessed

You are Loved💛💚💙,


18 thoughts on “One Day at a Time!

  1. Perth Girl says:

    I just loved this. It was so practical and yet powerful.
    One day at a time
    Discipline trumps motivation
    Start small
    We don’t do this alone
    And not to measure ourselves against someone else.
    Love it. Thanks for sharing 🤗.


  2. davidsdailydose says:

    “You know where you are going. You have God. That is all you need.”

    Excellent. This post was very much “Angel, the Life Coach.”

    You shared some helpful thoughts and tied them to scripture without seeming too preachy. Good job!


  3. herrychiccounsels says:

    I love love this. ❤ There is really no big or small win. Every step in the right direction counts. This has been my motto for a while now. It’s all about me showing up and doing what I need to even when I don’t feel like it on some days. I need to keep moving. Consistency and commitment can’t be over-emphasized. 💯


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