To members of this online family, I appreciate you!

Hello Friends! How are you holding up today? With everything that has been going on in the world, I thought to stop by your space today.

Pray, please tell me. How have you been holding up?

While we are doing this now, please can you check up on people around you? Especially some you haven’t heard from in a while. More than ever, this is the time to reach out and touch. To give and impact from all the goodness within us. In the words oof Sasha Dicter – Today, give yourself permission to be outrageously kind, irrationally warm, improbably generous. I promise it will be a blast.

Never forget, I am here. I care deeply about you. This blog goes beyond publishing articles. It is more about creating a family, a safe space for everyone who visits by the grace of God. I am very passionate about each and everyone who visits here and leaves likes and comment! Your support encourages me. So today, we are doing this. Tell me, how are you?

We can talk. Now. Today. Any time.A burden shared is half solved.

Finally Friends, I pray for you to have the best week filled with love, peace and happiness. Lines would fall in pleasant places for you. The warmth of God’s love would envelop you. He would be with you in your going out and coming in. You would be fruitful. You will overflow with wisdom and understanding. Everything you lay your hands on is blessed. Your family is blessed. Your spouse is blessed. Your children are blessed. And your household would never lack peace.

Just before you go, let me know how you are feeling.

With LoveπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™


25 thoughts on “To members of this online family, I appreciate you!

  1. Perth Girl says:

    Dear Angel, thankyou for caring. I am well. This time without a doubt is a challenge to one and all. We all have days we are strong and days we wish it was another time. But I am reminded that God is with me always, that I should not waste this opportunity to sit at His feet and learn lessons that can come from only such a time as this. No season in ones life should be wasted and there is a catharsis in sharing this with all around either in our life or through our online community that goes through this experience with their humanness and at the same time looking at it all through the lens of a follower of Christ.
    How are you doing Angel??
    Manu πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™πŸ€—

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  2. davidsdailydose says:

    A burden shared is half solved. I like the thought! Thank you for asking your readers how they are feeling. You are right, now is a very important time to reach out to others.

    Frankly, I am a bit sad, as of late. A member of my family has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is currently in a depressed state. They are not doing well, and I am 1400 miles away. Please pray that God will help my loved one to stay alive and to return to a more normal state. The loved ones who are there with my family member need prayers for strength as well.

    Thank you for your ministry to others. I enjoy your blog. God’s best to you. David

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    • Musings&Roses says:

      I am sorry about the situation. I will keep you in my prayers. God will come through as He always does. I am glad you enjoy the blog. All glory to God. Thank you for leaving this here. Abba Father will see you through! Amen! My warmest regards and prayers! πŸ™

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