Blogging for Jesus – Encouragement for Christian Bloggers.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”
‭‭Mark‬ ‭16:15‬ ‭KJV‬‬

My motivation to start this blog came 2017. I desired to share my journey as a Christian and lessons I pick up along the way while also balancing it with the word of God.

When I launched the blog, I wasn’t serious. Occasionally, I put out a post or two and disappear. It wasn’t until 2019 that I began to invest more time. My aim has always been for people to grow in their love for God while living their best lives so even when I had zero views, I kept on.

That being said, What is your motivation? Because sometimes when other factors seem to play out the opposite of what we anticipate, our motivation would keep us going.

As Christian bloggers, we change the world one post at a time. It is more mindblowing when we think of how much influence we wield and the transformation we can effect collectively through our post. And the beauty is we all speak the same messages in different voices so the gospel is understood no matter who is reading,

So here are three things you should know as a Christian blogger.

1. The numbers is not the end goal.

Jesus didn’t appoint everyone as disciples. He chose 12 and poured into them. And even after He ascended into heaven, these disciples would go on to do wonders for the kingdom.

Many of us interpret the command to go into the world and multiply as being just about numbers and no substance.We look down on the audience we have because it feels we are not getting enough recognition for all the hard work. Thereby, allowing our own desires to override that of kingdom. But the truth is it doesn’t matter if you have an audience of one or 100,000, as long as you preach the gospel, your role is relevant in the eyes of God.

You do not have to build a large number of followers before you know you are doing well. The Father does not reward us according to the success standard of the world but He looks out for how well we gleaned the field He entrusted in our care, For to each one of us, He gave a measure of talent.

The few you have now, concentrate on pouring into them. and if one of them mature from your tutelage and goes on to reach multitudes, you have done the will of the Father and brought glory to His name.

As believers, this life we live, it is no longer us but Christ. so we must decrease for Him to increase. We must place the interest of the kingdom as priority over any other desire.

The issue with leadership, business and ministries today is they try to mass produce. They became fixated on how many followers they can accumulate and meddle into unhealthy competition thereby creating a mess. Take your eyes off the numbers. It is not how big your audience is but how effective it is and how many true disciples emerges from you.

The glory in an orange tree is not in it’s ability to produce fruits but the capability of the seeds germinating into a fertile tree.

One tree cannot feed the world. so also you alone cannot spread the gospel. The goal is to make disciples and send them forth. Therefore, regardless of if your page views are small or huge. you are still making an impact. God is still speaking through you and transforming lives. Don’t underestimate your relevance in the kingdom.

2. Rely on the HolySpirit

Because we blog for Christ, we must never rely on our wisdom to write posts. Every post is a message. Let the Holy Spirit lay in your heart word in season.

Be intentional about spending time with Him. Remember that the moment you decided to be a teacher of gospel, you submitted yourself to a higher scrutiny and discipline.

Try not to fall into trap of reading the Bible just to produce a blogpost. While this may not necessarily be bad, it can rob you of your own quality time with God if done always. Feed on Him till you are full and out of the abundance, others can be fed.

It is also important to squash our bias and rely wholly on the Holy Spirit so we can rightly divide the word. Conflicting interpretation causes dissension in the body of Christ and we would be judged for every word we teach because there is the tendency to mislead people.

Blogging for Jesus is a great responsibility. We just don’t post. Any time we hit the publish button, we can either draw a person closer to Christ or push them away from the faith. Let the Spirit of God lead.

3. Pray consistently

Because you are light and you propagate the gospel, the devil would come at you with different tactics just to stop you. And one major tactic is discouragement. He knows once he can get you to give up your joy, he can gain entry.

We must bear in mind that as believers, trials are a part of life. The alchemy for us believers is we have an assured place in eternity. So the sufferings we face here are nothing compared to joy that lies ahead for us.

By this knowledge, when faced with disappointments or broken expectations, encourage yourself in the Lord for even in our brokenness, we are still vessels in God’s hands.

Finally God’s beloved, Stay strong. Interact with other faith bloggers. There is strength in fellowship. I have known amazing people through this platform who are always a blessing. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

So don’t be shy to reach out. And never forget, You are a labourer in His vineyard. And every labourer has his payday.

That being said, what has been your biggest challenges as a Christian blogger?

Stay Blessed

You are Loved💙💛💙


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