-The secret to receiving –

And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.”
‭‭Mark‬ ‭11:22‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Imagine I post an ad here for anyone in need of 10k dollars to send an email with their details so the money is transferred to you. What would you do?

Your willingness to receive the 10k dollars from me depends on 2 things,

1. If you believe I have the money to give you or

2. If I truly want to give you or I am just playing you.

In this instance, It probably sounds too good to be true so you would rather not bother.

Anyway, You are right. I cannot gift you 10k dollars but there is someone who had offered you more than just money and is capable of giving to you but you are sleeping on the offer.

God has made a lot of promises to us and has invited us to come receive this promise. So in times of need, do we turn to Him for supply or we try to outsource?

God has all we need in Him and He wasn’t playing when He instructed us to ask and receive. He is not a man so He cannot play you.

Let’s go further.

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.” Psalms 68:19 KJV

Friends do you see this?

Load means to heap. Something that comes in massive quantity. And He does this daily.

Do you know what this means? you have heaps of blessings, good health, joy, protection, finances, peace to draw from every day. There is never a want of these goodies. The question is do we receive with grace what He has so freely given? Have we built our capacity to receive? “He that spared not his own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:32‬ ‭KJV‬‬

God loves us. He wants the best for us. And we can receive this best by strengthening our faith in the belief that there is nothing God can not do and all we need have been provided in Him.

But are you willing to believe that it has been provided for and rest in His provision or do you doubt because the simplicity in the statement makes it difficult to accept?

Things would not happen to you just because you are a good person or a nice Christian. There are times you must venture out and receive what is meant for you and Faith is the currency you use to withdraw this benefit. The deeper your faith, the more you can receive.

The depth of your faith depends on the level of trust you have in God. And the strength of your conviction to trust lies in your meditation of the word of God. His word affirms and assures.

God cannot force us to trust Him. Trust is earned. But we can all agree that God has earned this when He made the ultimate sacrifice to give us Christ. That is a Father who loves His children.

He shows us His love and desire to bless us, plus the testimonies of those before us, so it is left to us to build our trust based on His continuous goodness to us and develop unwavering faith in His integrity and ability as a faithful God.

Integrity – He is the Almighty and can do all things.

Ability-He can do all things and would do it for me.

Some believe God can do it but don’t believe He would do it for them.

You know that Jesus healed the sick but do you believe He can heal you?

You believe Jesus multiplied five loaves and two fishes, but do you believe He can change your financial situation?

You believe God fed Elijah with a raven, Do you believe He can get to you even in the driest of circumstances? You must believe to see. “Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”
‭‭John‬ ‭20:29‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Regardless of the chaos around you, God is faithful and true and I am persuaded in my Sprit about His integrity and His ability to help us.

“And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.”

Luke 1:45 KJV

And even as I close this post, I pray God would bring you to the point of persuasion. And may He open your eyes to see the benefits in store for you.

side note- We do not serve God for what He can do for us. We serve Him because we love Him. God is a benevolent God, And He rewards those who serve Him. Don’t take my word for it. Take His word.

“According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:”
‭‭2 Peter‬ ‭1:3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

It is well with you.

You are Loved💙💜💛


17 thoughts on “-The secret to receiving –

  1. davidsdailydose says:

    “So in times of need, do we turn to Him for supply or we try to outsource?”

    May we turn to Him, always!

    I also like how you said that God does “play” people. He is not a man, that He should lie.

    Thank you for a good word.

    God Bless


  2. Perth Girl says:

    May we believe in our hearts and with our actions when we are in need. Turning to Him because He is a faithful and loyal God. An encouraging reminder Angel.
    Blessings to you dear 😊💙


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