How to stay consistent as a Christian blogger

In the last part of 2020, life came with extra responsibilities and it became increasingly hard to stay consistent on here. I was barely even coming online. But after awhile, I found a way to stay consistent to my timetable of posting at least once a week, Thursdays and sometimes Saturday. So if you are struggling to stay consistent, here are some of the tips I used and I hope it helps you. Let’s go;

1. Always remember why you blog.

If there is no purpose behind an action, it is easier for us to wake up one day and pack up. Why do you blog? Is the reason strong enough to keep you here on the long run? I blog because I want to share my faith journey with you and encourage others too. You need to find your ‘ Why’ so you can keep going.

As a Christian blogger, it is easier to show up to if you see it as ministry. A responsibility. The sense of responsibility would keep you committed on the long run even when it gets difficult. Consistency would build people’s trust in you too because they know what to expect from you and when.

Your blog is a priority. Create time for your priorities. (Note to self too).

2. Have a flexible Schedule

To have a fixed study time is great, but we can also decide to switch up things. Creativity can come to us at any time and in any place. I wrote one of my biggest post at the hair salon. Worship music was being played and the words began to trickle in. Quickly I penned it down on my phone’s note app. Be flexible with your creating time so you don’t restrict your creative juices from flowing.

3. Decide on a realistic Schedule

Even as you create a flexible schedule, adjust it in a way that feels comfortable for you. So you don’t become overwhelmed. I post once a week and some weeks if I get an extra time, I post twice a week. This works for me alright and ensures I can deliver. For some others, you post daily . That is great too! Whichever plan best suits you.

4. Eliminate distractions

In order to be productive, our focus must be razor-sharp. For me, I have been writing more lately since I went on a TV fast. While my T.V was here, I’d complain about not having enough time to create but on the flip side, I could spend 2hours watching a crime documentary. I am not asking everyone to do this though, there could be another object of distraction for you. Uncover it and minimise it if you cannot eliminate it.

5. Get over your desire to make perfect posts

Perfectionism breeds procrastination and procrastination is a vision killer. There are posts I spend time on and believe it is the one. they do just well. Whereas, there are the ones I didn’t think would make the cut but they did excellently.

What you see as not good enough might just be the word someone is waiting for. Overall, I do not measure the success of a post just by the number of likes or comments though. It is a trap. The gospel is not meant to be sweet always. It is to correct, teach, Guide, rebuke.

As a Christian blogger, your job is to spread the good news, the Holy Spirit inspires you as you express it through your unique writing style. So don’t worry about being perfect. We are constantly striving towards perfection. The more posts you write, the better your flow gets. So start writing!

5. Pray over You and your blog

Well, this should have been the first point but… Anyway, I cannot overemphasize the importance of praying. The scripture says we are to commit all we do into the hands of God. And by praying over your blog, you remind yourself that God is Lord over all. He is the one through the Holy Spirit that would empower you to stay consistent. Outside of Him, we would burn out. He renews and rejuvenates.

Finally, remember you cannot stay consistent without the help of the Holy Spirit We are only but vessels. A vessels must stay willing and teachable.

That is it friends. Did any of the tips resonate with you? Please share with us any other tip you may have.

Your Sister in Faith.

You are loved 💙💛💜


55 thoughts on “How to stay consistent as a Christian blogger

  1. Perth Girl says:

    I like all the points you mentioned. I smiled at – the biggest post being written in the hair salon. What are the chances that I had the very same experience. I was busy one week and was finding that I was just not getting the flow to pen anything down and lo and behold while I was sitting at the hairdressers I ended up jotting down a brief draft on my notes app.
    I was mentally prepared to just skip posting that week because I did not want to write something just for the sake of it.
    Thanks for this Angel
    God bless you 🤗.

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  2. davidsdailydose says:

    You’ve made some great points, Angel. Know why you blog, be consistent, and stay true to your purpose.

    My tip is to engage with others bloggers. Like their posts and comment on them. Be sincere, of course!Also, though I rarely reblog, I like to “reblurb.” I made that word up to describe taking something a fellow blogger said in one of their posts and using it to launch a post or my own. I give full credit to the source and link back to their original post. Like the Bible says, “Iron sharpens iron.” The Holy Spirit often uses what others say to plant seeds for my own writing journey.


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  3. Queen Esther says:

    Great points!

    “As a Christian blogger, your job is to spread the good news, the Holy Spirit inspires you as you express it through your unique writing style.”

    I agree with this, particularly as a few months ago, I wondered if I would renew my subscription because I figured no one was reading my blog. Another blogger encouraged me by saying, the Holy Spirit is reading! Meantime, it made me remember my WHY, which was your first point. It shouldn’t be about likes, comments shares etc. It’s about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!

    Thank you for this timely post as my chief reason for my blog ( is to give simple, practical advice for godly living.

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  4. says:

    Had to laugh at God as I sat down to write tomorrow’s post, procrastinated by deciding to clear out my email, and started with reading your post. And my post is about my hair stylist – laughed even more when you said that’s where you wrote your biggest post! Thanks for the refreshing nudge I needed!

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  5. kingbothie says:

    Inspiration comes when you least expect it, I’m so grateful for the notes app in our phones…. you quickly pen down a thought and this was very helpful, I’m new to blogging, still trying to find a balance but like you said, “keep at it” I will get there. This is actually more powerful than you think it is, so thank you! You’re blessed…

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  6. rduncanheart says:

    Excellent points! Thank you so much for sharing! I was stuck for several months trying to make everything “perfect” and as a result got nothing done! I also want to share God’s truth with the world! Feel free to visit

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  7. Barry Brindisi says:

    I like a lot of your points. However, I have to disagree about thee blog being a ministry. Here’s why I am saying this. I am currently on my 2nd blog site. The first one is currently seen as a learning experience. I’ve had people say that it was my ministry; however, it soon became a prison. I was also running on empty because I did not know how to get refilled. Today, I am working on a new blog site called Christianity Explained. It is based on some of the ideas founded in the old blog site and more directed at the Christian community. This time, I am staying the heck away from serious politics.

    You are quite right in saying that inspirations can come from some very surprising places. By the way, I would add this tip to your list: Play worship music while writing or creating your podcast. Spend time in both worship and prayer before hitting the computer. This is a hard earned lesson that I learned. It has helped my productivity, immensely.


  8. God is Good Stories says:

    Great suggestions. Query: have you found Thursday’s better than Tuesday’s to post? And do you post to Facebook as well? I’m new to Facebook and trying to get the swing of things. If you post to Facebook, do you post a link or full story? And (sorry for all the questions) do you post on Facebook a different day/time. Blessings beth ♥️


  9. pamcenido says:

    Thank you for sharing this! 🙂
    Reminds me why I started my blog years ago.

    “Overall, I do not measure the success of a post just by the number of likes or comments though. It is a trap”

    Indeed, it is a trap!

    God bless you!


  10. Jamie Sasien says:

    Great advise. Thanks so much for this I know I go through seasons of distraction and then I’m focused and writing again. I’m praying for consistency. Thanks again


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