Dear Christian bloggers – Find your voice

One of the biggest drawbacks bloggers face is the trap of comparison. The desire to sound and be like the favourite blogger you admire. And sadly, many people fall for this. It is okay to like a writing style and try to develop yours. But to be inspired by a blogger and to copy a blogger are two different things.

As Christian bloggers, there are various aspects of the life of a believer to cover. There is milk for baby Christians, meat for matured believers, Salvation message for the unsaved, addressing possible ‘contradictions’ in the bible, there is just a lot to write about. Some people might just be focused on encouragement, for another, it is convicting messages. We all cannot use the same words. The word of God is too vast for that.

We indeed write from the same Bible, but the amazing thing is we have unique voices passing the same message. Different people would relate to different voices. That people might read Blogger A more than Blogger B does not mean what you are writing is not good enough. If you are Consistent with your voice, Your flock would find you. Your readers would hear your voice.

5 reasons why you should not copy .

1. You’d lose your voice

Your voice would get lost in the mix and you may not achieve the same results of the original blogger. Let’s say you copy blogger A, You would always be compared to A. And People would rather read the original voice than go to a copy.

2. Your message becomes adulterated.

When you copy, you lose the message God is trying to pass through you. There are intricacies of blogging we must all learn. But the body of your post is what the HolySpirit must teach you. Every post is a message. Someone out there is waiting to draw strength from the word of God through you.

There is so much in the heart of the Father that He wants to communicate through us creatively. We would always have what to write about and how to write it. This is not a competition of the person with the most followers. We don’t do that here. Competition would birth envy, strife and hatred in your heart. And God cannot be expressed in a heart blackened by those vices. We don’t compete. We edify souls. We are doing the Father’s work not our business.

The day you surrendered to write about Christ, the HolySpirit became your immediate enabler. “because God is always at work in you to make you willing and able to obey his own purpose.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:13‬ ‭GNB

3. You undermine the HolySpirit in you.

Every time we compare, we are saying, Holy Spirit you are not doing enough. why can’t I be A? it is great to want to be better but the only person you should be better than is who you were yesterday.

We cannot all achieve equal level results as we do not have equal capacity but we can all thrive in our place and would all receive our harvest according to what He has placed in us.

4. You stifle your excellence

Imagine a part time blogger trying to be like a full time blogger. You’d burn out. And end up feeling like a failure. Meanwhile you were doing just great. Create your pattern, find what works for you and do your best to excel in it. Looking around often would bring distraction and your craft would suffer.

5. You’d be ungrateful.

Because your eyes is fixed on your neighbour’s garden, you won’t appreciate the little sprout from the seed you have planted. God hates ingratitude. Fix your focus.

Everyone is trying to figure out life. The people you admire have their own insecurities too. They probably thought of 1000 ways to blog and settled for the one style that appealed to their strength and weakness. Stick to your vision. Find your own way. You can still grow using the other 999 ways .

Finally, focus on you. You would come under unnecessary pressure trying to be like another. Your voice is tied to your gift. It is not for everyone but it is for a lot of people. Don’t silence it.

Stay blessed

You are loved 💜💙💛


21 thoughts on “Dear Christian bloggers – Find your voice

  1. davidsdailydose says:

    “The only person you should be better than is who you were yesterday. Your voice is tied to your gift.”

    There are so many wonderful insights in this post, Angel. Thank you.

    Each blogger should be true to the light that God has given them.

    “The heart writes with permanent marker; authenticity is heard to erase.” Regular David (me)

    Blessings to you always.


  2. Perth Girl says:

    What you wrote about covering the various aspects of a believers life is so true. And yes, we do stifle the spirits leading if our focus is on copying someone else. Comparison can be such a detriment.
    Thank you Angel for this faithful and important message 💙


  3. Lisa Beth says:

    Good points! The Holy Spirit indwells every true believer and bestows purposeful gifts within them. Envy, coveting, and copying another’s work is fleshy and robs us of a true calling, one with eternal value.
    Press on Angel!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Georgetta Head says:

    Great article! I teach students how to write sermons and have shared similar tips with them. I agree, be the you God created you to be and allow Holy Spirit to be your guide and voice.😊👣


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