-Story Time-

An incident occurred earlier in the week and I came to share it with you.

My work requires a lot of interstate travel. so I travel often. And I have been doing this without any incident. I travelled last week and was scheduled to fly back on Saturday but the flight was cancelled and I was rescheduled for Monday.

On Monday, the flight was cancelled again. So I had to make a road trip of about 2 hours to a neighbouring state to catch a flight from there. I got one and headed back to my base.

After we took off, everything seemed normal until we approached the state. We noticed It was raining and the wind blowing hard. The visibility was poor. At first, the captain announced that we would wait in the air and see if the weather gets better. So we hovered for about 50 mins.

Afterwards, The pilot tried to go forward again and the next thing we knew, the wind was trying to pull down the aircraft. We were going down.

Shouts of panic erupted. People were praying, shouting Jesus, crying. It was chaos. To be honest, I was frightened. I also cried because I had been warned not to travel that evening. The noise was wild. I thought about how I should have put my affairs in order. fear consumed me as the plane jerked.

After a few minutes, I thought to myself, no. I cannot die like this. I have an assignment to fulfil here en earth and I haven’t started yet so I cannot die. And even if it was time for me to die, not this way, in a violent manner. I starting praying and I heard a voice instructing me to picture myself at home watching my favourite program. So I blocked out the screams, laid back in my chair while gripping the arm rest and drifted away.

As I did that, I could feel the fear seeping away. Like I wasn’t seated in that plane but was safely at home.

As God would have it, after 25 minutes of turbulence, yes I was looking at my watch. The pilot was able to come out of the troubled area. He announced we needed to refuel so we flew to another town and waited till he was cleared to return.

To cut this story short, God did this. I cannot fully explain it here but I am grateful. God is faithful and kind.

I still have thoughts of that day, and flashes of how it felt when the plane was going down. But I believe God would take that away.

Friends, please join me in Thanksgiving. Say a word for Him. I do not have enough words to say to the Father.


18 thoughts on “-Story Time-

  1. pastorpete51 says:

    Wow so glad to hear you were okay. I had a very rough flight cross-country back in March (Worst ever) but we never really thought the plane was about to go down. It’s amazing how God helps us in those situations. Blessings

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