A call to surrender

Lately I have found myself surrendering control of the outcome of events as I have found greater peace in doing this. I realize that the only control I truly have is what I do and how I do it but how it turns out is up to God.

I walk into situations that would normally trigger me and I do what is expected of me and leave the rest for Jesus. This is why abiding by His instructions is key to a victorious life. Obeying what God tells us to do ensures His purpose for you in everu season is accomplished. And it further consolidates His place as Lord over our lives.

Not many people are comfortable with taking commands or being told what to do always. Some want to go their way and do things as they believe is best just to prove they can take charge but this is harmful to our relationship with Christ.

We cannot say we believe Christ Jesus is Lord when He is not Lord over our lives. A lord is someone who directs you on what to do not someone you tell what you want to do. Many are unwilling to lose control so they hold on to things they believe they can control. They make job, finances relationships lord and Saviour and allow it control their decisions and actions. any slightest threat to these things shakes you and sends you down a steep road of anxiety and panic.

Any area of life we refuse to relinquish control automatically becomes an idol because we hold on too tight so as not to lose it even if it will come at the detriment of our peace and wellbeing. Jesus cannot be our Lord and Saviour when we have idols controlling us and if we have not fully accepted that only Him can save us.

If we are afraid of following instructions fully then we don’t know Jesus well. Because if we did, we will trust His plan and know that the good He thinks for us will be accomplished through the instructions He gives to us. You will understand that every thing He will tell us to do no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel is for our good, to protect and prosper us.

As a true servant, release control of outcomes and just do what your Lord wants. You don’t know better than Jesus what is good for you. we can trust him as Lord and follow His leading. It will take us to the place of rest He promised.

The scripture says that he who holds on to his life will lose it. The cares of this world will wear you out. you must lose your life, lose control for Jesus to truly become your Lord.

Every time we surrender to the guidance of the HolySpirit, we are choosing Jesus as our Lord because as He directs your steps, He leads you in the way you should go. The path God wants you to tread. Every time we obey God’s commands no matter how bad we think the situation may turn out, we have established Jesus as our Saviour because we know that no matter how bad it gets, Jesus will always be in our corner to help us get through it.

This is a call to surrender. A life with fewer worries. A life you wake up every day bubbling because your Lord and Saviour is in charge. A life of joy even amid chaos. This is the life God wants for us. Ours is to trust and follow, His is to lead and perform. No better way to live than this.


Life update.

I have been travelling a lot lately so have been unable to write as often as I desire or read and comment on your post like I normally do. I am hoping I get back to a more stable schedule soon.

I pray for any one going through a season you don’t understand, may Elohim continue to strengthen you. May you understand the lessons you are meant to learn.

I pray you don’t let go of His hand because He will lead you through the driest of times to the land overflowing with milk and honey that He has promised you. Thank you for sticking around. I appreciate your presence here. I love you but God loves you more.

Angel. 💜

4 thoughts on “A call to surrender

  1. Manu says:

    I think one of the hardest things for us to do is relinquish control but when we learn to let go it truly does lift a burden. For me I have to keep teaching and reminding myself to let go.
    Blessings Angel 💙


  2. Lisa Beth says:

    Very good points and important truths to live by.
    “Every time we obey God’s commands no matter how bad we think the situation may turn out, we have established Jesus as our Saviour…”
    This is so true, I find that even if my heart is lacking the right feeling, obeying God aligns us with Him and the Holy Spirit is freer to change our hearts.
    May the Lord guide you every day. 🌹


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