Time will not heal all wounds

“To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;”

Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3:1, 3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

I grew up hearing this phrase ’Time heals all wound’. It seemed serving back then but thinking about it critically now, I cannot help but ponder, does time really heal all wounds? This perception, held by a large number of people makes them place a timeline on how long you should grieve a bad situation.

So when they encounter someone who is yet to get over a hard blow over a long period of time, it comes off as if the person is not strong enough to endure or is over flogging the issue.

Unconsciously, they become insensitive to the hidden distress and utter words like, ’it has been so long, you should have gotten over it. Are you still talking about that?

And when you cannot explain why you still feel the pang of hurt at the slightest remembrance, Or why the pain lingers, they conclude something must be wrong with you… me.

What they fail to understand is that though time may take the edge off the pain and diminish the intensity of the ache but…a wound only gets better if it is tended to and if the cause of the damage is handled or removed.

A physical wound which, is an injury to living tissues caused by a cut, blow usually involving the skin- is not something we can choose to prevent from ever happening.

Nearly everyone would experience an injury at least once in their lifetime. It is inevitable. What varies is the degree. Some minor, others prominent. Therefore what matters is to learn how to take care of a wound when it occurs and manage the complications that come with it.

During my younger days, My mom would try to get me to treat an injury when I sustain one, but most of the time I resist, couldn’t endure the immediate discomfort Methylated spirit and iodine would give me, and instead opted to leave it to heal on its own.

Now I am older, I wish I followed her advice. Treating the wound would have minimized scarring or sore points that never fully healed.

Our emotional injuries work in the same pattern. You get hurt, You get it treated. We shouldn’t seek to push down and bury all the pain in a dark area refusing to face or address it.

That pain you try to avoid requires an outlet. If you have to grit your teeth or get people to hold you down, by all means, let it out.

Healing is uncomfortable. it exposes parts of us we want to keep hidden or things we have refused to see. It turns us inside out, pushes out the rawness, the vulnerability, and the tears.

We are to allow ourselves to go through the process God will take us. It is for our own betterment.

If we let God, He will carry us, sterilize the wound with the blood, apply His healing balm of grace and bandage us in His love of acceptance and restoration.

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭147:3‬ ‭NLT‬‬

The deeper the wound, the longer time it takes to heal. So sometimes, it can look as if you are not making any progress. But you are. It just requires patience and consistency in treatment. if You have to limp for a while or use a crutch, go ahead, whatever practise helps you get through. There is no rule that says you have to put on a brave face or be ashamed of your pain. It is your story to live, your struggle to embrace. And in no way should it be on anyone’s terms or perception.

But know this, your healing would happen. -In Christ, we have this assurance – and one day, you will wake up and realize that you no longer carry the burden nor need those aids. You can cross the street and not feel the ache, you can look at the person in the eyes and feel no bitterness, you remember the incident and be grateful rather than spiteful for the lessons it brought you.

The pain no longer has control over your life. That is the beauty in your restoration.

The ugly incident happened to you, yes, there is no denying that. But it no longer controls your action. You have arrived at this place of acceptance and peace. Healed and free!

A wound left untreated isn’t a pretty sight. It can heal on its own but would leave ugly scarring. Some may not heal and can cause internal bleeding. Another can heal but not properly so any little impact can trigger you and cause irritation and then you are forced to relive the incident over again.

When things happen to you that bleeds your heart, don’t ignore it or try to cope by indulging in negative vices.

Face it. Cry all you want. It may feel like you will die. You won’t. It would only stimulate your growth.

There is no easy path to healing. Our Spirit may know the right thing to do but the flesh might be unwilling to tag along. This is why Jesus assures us of His strength in our weakness. So we look upon Him at all times as the Author and Finisher of our faith, as the One who can bring us the rest we desire. He came to heal the brokenhearted and give us a new start.

So we allow Him to soothe our souls, Invite Him into those parts you try to hide from everyone. He never gets turned off by our ’dirt’. Rather, He is excited that we don’t shelter our hearts from Him.

So start by meditating on the Scriptures, The Holy Spirit would open your eyes of understanding if you ask Him. Also engage in healthy activities that benefit our body. A healthy soul and body make for a cleansed mind.

Also remember, At some point, it would be time to move on. To Stop looking back. To give up ’the what-ifs, Maybes’. To hold out and not pick at the scabs. Allow the healing to happen. Don’t over-analyze your last actions. there is nothing you could do differently and even if, it has happened. You can not change the past but you can structure the future. What is of the essence now is how you can move forward.

And that is what healing does, it propels you to look ahead, not to make light of your challenges but to realign your focus on the gift the future holds… just as Apostle PAUL says, we look at not what lies behind but facing what lies ahead of us.

Once we attend to a wound, give it time to heal and let it go, then truly can we say, Time heals all wound.

Stay Blessed.

You are Loved 💙💛💛


26 thoughts on “Time will not heal all wounds

  1. Perth Girl says:

    Enjoyed the read. Healing takes time. Emotional wounds heals at different rates and different ways for different people. Only God can truly fill those holes made from emotional wounds, it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt but His love will soothe the soul.
    Blessings 😊💙


  2. My Life in Our Father's World says:

    Father God’

    May you have your way in me today & always. May I dedicate time each day just to hang out with you and listen to your voice. I appreciate your patience with my imperfections and your willingness to gently guide me in the right direction.



  3. Maurice says:

    Proverbs 14: 10 “The heart knoweth his own bitterness” Everyone deal with struggles in a different way and in different time frame. Empathy is very important during those time. Good and very important writing


  4. herrychiccounsels says:

    Thanks for sharing this sis. Time indeed can’t heal all, only God can. And if we bare our hearts to Him, He is always willing to aid us through. And yes, it might seem like we have reached the end of our limits, but we are only being stretched, because we have so much strength in us. And times such as this reveals that.


  5. Random Reads says:

    How timely this is. Can’t hold my tears cos it’s as if the words are talking to me. Started following your blog this week and everyday i keep dropping by to read your write-ups, they’re just so soul enriching. Thank you. ❤️


    • Musings&Roses says:

      Wow! I couldn’t have ased for a better encouragement! Thank you so much for this. I am honored knowing God can reach people and touch hearts through my words. That is my sole aim. And I am glad it touched you. I pray for His continual work in your life! May you always feel the arms of His love!
      Thank you! Blessings to you always! 💕💕💕


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